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Great Plains Trucking

Since 1981, Great Plains Trucking has been a premier over-the-road, flatbed shipper, hauling loads throughout the continental United States and Canada. We employ only highly qualified drivers, invest in top-of-the-line tractors and trailers, and utilize state-of-the-art satellite communications and tracking equipment to keep tabs on every load. In addition, Great Plains Trucking operates its own internal freight brokerage company, Great Plains Logistics, which allows us to efficiently and cost-effectively match freight carriers with loads. With Great Plains Trucking, you get not only competitive rates, but also an unparalleled on-time delivery and safety record that spans over 30 years.

Our fleet of tractors and trailers include:

  • Over 75 late-model conventional tractors, including an array of International ProStar+, LoneStar, and 9900 series trucks, plus several new Kenworth tractors.
  • Light-weight spread-axle air-ride trailers.
  • 48' x 96" flatbeds.
  • 48' x 102" drop-deck flatbeds.
  • 48' x 102" curtain vans.
Great Plains Trucking

Great Plains Trucking, a subsidiary of Great Plains Manufacturing, was originally incorporated to deliver equipment to the Great Plains dealer network and bring back raw materials. Over the years, we have expanded our fleet, and contract carrier authority has allowed our growth to include flatbed customers both in our home area of north-central Kansas, and throughout the United States and Canada. A significant portion of Great Plains Trucking revenue now comes from sources other than Great Plains Manufacturing.

Great Plains Trucking Satellite Communication Technology

As with so many other innovations, Great Plains Trucking was one of the first trucking firms to recognize the potential efficiencies and cost savings of satellite communications technology.

Great Plains Trucking

At Great Plains Trucking, we maintain the highest standards for driver qualifications. Find out more about our criteria for hiring and retaining drivers.

Great Plains Trucking

The Great Plains Trucking fleet houses 75 tractors and over 100 trailers, including late-model conventional tractors, light-weight spread-axle air-ride trailers, 48' x 96" flatbeds, 48' x 102" drop-deck flatbeds, and 48' x 102" curtain vans.

Great Plains Trucking

ACI Brokerage, Inc. is a freight brokerage company operating within Great Plains Trucking. Its primary function is to match carriers with loads throughout the United States and Canada. This is a vital part of Great Plains Trucking, as we stay in touch with freight movements and maximize the efficient use of our fleet.

Great Plains Trucking Maintenance Shop

At Great Plains Trucking, we know that a well-maintained fleet is one of the most important factors for ensuring loads get delivered safely and on time. In 1993, we opened our maintenance shop at 1935 E. North Street.