Great Plains Trucking

Communication Technology

Great Plains Trucking Satellite Communication Technology

As with so many other innovations, Great Plains Trucking was one of the first trucking firms to recognize the potential efficiencies and cost savings of satellite communications technology.

With satellite communications and tracking, Great Plains Trucking and our customers are never out of touch with any load. Drivers can be reached and communicated with instantly, detours and delays can be avoided, and customers can be made aware of precisely where their shipment is and exactly when it will arrive.

EOBR: Electronic Drivers Logs and Email Access

GPT drivers benefit from state-of-the-art technology in the cab of their truck. With a single-touch screen interface and a set of easy-to-use applications, drivers can stay effortlessly compliant with hours of service rules without worry of violations. It also gives them turn-by-turn directions and monitors engine performance.

Managers benefit from real-time access to drivers statistics, including available driving time and on-duty hours, current geographic location, HOS reports, etc. Communication with the driver is by email with attached documents that can be downloaded and printed in the truck.

The use of EOBR technologies ensures driver deployments are better monitored, which allows more home time – boosting driver morale and increasing driver retention.